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Negotiate Your Relocation Like a Pro
Your Benefits:
  • Money Saver: how to get multiple discounts by asking simple power questions
  • Time Saver: how to prepare for negotiation and formulate your requirements before the initial quotation
  • Unique: no other handbook shows you in a handy and detailed manner how to easily get the best relocation deal
  • ​120-Page Manual including 47 special slides with insider tips: fun to read, easy to understand, fast to implement
  • Check-List included: how to use each negociation technique at the right time
  • Mobile friendly: always with you when you meet or communicate with relocation companies
Learn how a relocation expert buys his own relocation!
90% of the people who go through a removal process are not familiar with the negotiation techniques to be used with moving companies. This is simply because we don't relocate every day!

However the savings at stake are significantA domestic move may cost USD1,000+, an international move may cost US$10,000+ depending on the volume of items and the destination.  A considerable amount of money can be saved through the use of some simple techniques. 

Gregory Seitz: Your Move Negotiation Advisor
Using the experience of his 7 personal relocations worldwide and the knowledge of moving contracts that he has acquired in the past 12 years in the relocation industry,  Gregory Seitz has written a hands-on negotiation manual confessing 47 insider secrets to negotiate the best moving deals. 
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About the Author
Global Mobility Specialist with 12 years of experience in international relocation business, Gregory Seitz has personally helped 15,000+ families to move domestically and overseas.  He has worked in different countries in Europe, Central America and Asia and has negotiated thousands of relocation deals in his career. Former country manager of Hong Kong representing one of the leading brands in international moving, Gregory is currently an independent advisor. He is now using his experience and sharp knowledge of the industry to help you get the best deals for your relocation.
"My objective: to help you get the best quality service at rock-bottom price”
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